How To Find My Iphone From Another Iphone


How do I locate another device in Find my iPhone?

To locate another device, click the name of the current device in the center of the toolbar to access the Devices list, then select a new device. Note: If you’re no longer using a device, remove it from your account so it doesn’t appear in Find My iPhone.

How do I Find my lost iPhone?

Locate your device In Find My iPhone on, click All Devices. Select the device you want to locate. The name of the device appears... If the device can be located: It appears on the map so you can see where it is. Note: If your AirPods or Beats product... If the device can’t be located: You ...

How to find someone else's iPhone without them knowing?

How Do You Find Someone Else's iPhone? Open the Find My app. Select Me from the options on the bottom of the screen. Tap on Help a Friend at the very bottom. This will open Have your friend sign in to iCloud using their Apple ID to see their devices. Select the device they are looking ...

How do I find the approximate location of my iPhone?

You can use Find My iPhone on to find the approximate location of your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, or Beats product if Find My [ device] is set up and the device is online. To sign in to Find My iPhone, go to In Find My iPhone on, click All Devices.

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