How To Fax Something From Iphone


How do I send a fax from my iPhone?

FAX from iPhone - send fax on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Send fax from iPhone or iPad on the go. Fast and easy! No Fax Machine Required! Send any document everywhere. NO need to use old school fax machine or go to a fax office.

What is the best app to send faxes from iPhone?

Best Apps to Send Fax Using iPhone 1 FAX from iPhone – Send Fax As you may see from the tutorial above, the app has a pretty simple interface. ... 2 eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone eFax app is perfect for professionals who use fax every day. ... 3 Fax Burner: Send & Receive Fax

How to fax a document from your phone for free?

How to Fax a Document From Your Smartphone 1 Yes, This Will Cost You. You won’t find an app that lets you send an unlimited number of faxes for free. ... 2 iPhone or Android Apps. Search for “fax” on the App Store and you’ll find quite a few options, but none of the apps are actually free, and the few that ... 3 Faxing Over Email. ...

How do I fax an image or a document?

Open the Fax app. Click the blue Add Image Or Document button. Enter the fax number to which the fax should be sent in the Send To field. Tap the Send button.

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