How To Factory Reset Iphone 6 Without Password


How to factory reset iPhone 6 without passcode using iTunes?

Procedure on how to factory reset iPhone 6 without Passcode using iTunes: 1. Connect your iPhone 6 using USB Cable and launch iTunes. 2. Power off your iPhone 6 by holding the sleep/wake button and swiping it off.

Why does my iPhone 6 keep resetting without a password?

Factory Reset There can be other many reasons to factory reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus. Some users may forgot iPhone apple id/iCloud/screen password or accidently get the device bricked due to too many wrong password attempt. There are normally 3 ways on how to reset iphone 6 to factory settings without password.

How to reset iPhone 6 to factory settings?

Putting the iPhone in Recovery Mode is the last solution you can use to reset the iPhone to factory settings. Step 1. Download and launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Step 2. Turn off your iPhone 6 and put your it in Recovery Mode by pressing the Home button and Power button until the "Connect to iTunes" icon appears.

How to wipe iPhone 6/6 Plus without password?

iPhone 6 Reset without Password 1 Select "All Devices" and also select your iPhone that you want to wipe. 2 Now Click on "Erase iPhone". 3 After that answer the security question or enter the verification code which is sent to your other devices in case you are not using a trusted browser. See More....

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