How To Factory Reset Iphone 11 Without Password


How to factory reset a locked iPhone 11 without password?

Way 3: How to factory reset a locked iPhone 11 without password - iTunes 1 Step 1: Activate recovery mode.#N#Make sure there's no cable connected to your device.#N#Hold the Side button and Volume up/... 2 Step 2: Click your device in iTunes (or Finder). Then, hit Restore button in the prompted message. More ...

How to reset iPhone to factory settings without iCloud password?

In this case, the first thing you should do is to resort to the previous owner to reset the iPhone to the factory setting without iCloud password. Step 1. Ask the previous user to open a browser, enter and go to Step 2. Log in to iCloud by using the same Apple ID and password as the device. Step 3.

How to reset iPhone 11 to factory settings?

Aside from the Settings app, you can also directly factory reset your iPhone 11 in iTunes (or Finder). Connect your iPhone 11 to its syncing computer, locate your device and then click Restore iPhone button to reset.

How to reset iPhone without password through iTunes?

How to Reset iPhone without Password through iTunes 1 Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes. 2 In Summery tab, click "Restore iPhone" option and then "Restore" in the popup confirmation window. 3 Wait for the process to complete and you can access to iPhone without passcode. After restore, you can click Restore... More ...

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