How To Erase Iphone Without Password


How to erase iPhone without passcode?

Here are the steps to erase your iPhone without passcode with the DFU mode. Connect your iPhone to the computer, generally, iTunes would turn on automatically, if not, please turn on your iTunes on your computer. Now, press the buttons on your iPhone and force it into DFU mode.

How to reset a locked iPhone without password?

Yes, iTunes is the official way for you to reset a locked iPhone. To use iTunes to erase an iPhone without password, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer and then follow the steps below to factory reset your iPhone without passcode using iTunes. To wipe an iPhone without passcode using iTunes:

How to completely erase data from iPhone?

Step 1. Download PhoneClean and open it > Connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cable > Click Erase Clean tab. Step 2. Click Erase Now button. Step 3. PhoneClean will load the data on your iPhone firstly and then erase your iPhone. Method 1. Erase an iPhone Directly Step 1.

How to delete an iPhone from Find my iPhone?

Tap on Erase iPhone > Tap on Erase iPhone to confirm > Enter your passcode > Enter your Apple ID and password to turn off Activate Look and delete the device from Find my iPhone. Method 2. How to Erase an iPhone Using iTunes Step 1. Turn off Find My iPhone: on your device go to Settings > iCloud to make it. Step 2.

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