How To Enable Chat Heads On Iphone Without Jailbreak


Can you use Facebook Chat Heads on iOS 7?

Facebook’s Chat Head feature is now available to use anywhere in iOS 7 thanks to a timely update to the well-received MessageBox tweak. If you can remember, MessageBox was the jailbreak release that allowed users to enjoy Chat Heads anywhere in iOS, not just in the default Facebook app.

Did you predict the iOS Chat Heads jailbreak?

If you’ve been around jailbreaking for any length of time, you probably weren’t surprised to see Chat Heads appear on iOS within such a short period of time. In fact, I outright predicted it in this tweet. It was even less surprising when I heard who was actually behind the tweak — Adam Bell.

How do I use the Chat Heads in the app?

Tap the Chat head to open the conversation view, and tap the head again to close the view. Chat Heads should be accessible while on the Home screen, or in any app. You can move the Chat Head around the screen by tapping and dragging. You can remove the Chat Head from the screen, by tapping and dragging down to the bottom portion of the screen.

What is the difference between Chat Heads and stickers on Facebook?

Activating Chat Heads is fairly straightforward, whereas enabling Stickers is a slight hassle, simply because the app talks to Facebook’s servers each time it becomes active and overrides any changes we make to the property list (or plist as it’s called in geek speak). It’s like they’ve actually put some thought and consideration into it.

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