How To Dry Out Iphone


How to dry out a wet iPhone?

However, you can use it to dry out a wet iPhone as well. Silica gel is great for absorbing moisture from both the inside and outside of anything. Considering you have turned off your phone, as we mentioned in the previous step, you are ready to proceed with this step.

What should you do if you drop your iPhone in liquid?

Depending on what liquid you dropped your iPhone into and the extent of exposure, you can use different solutions to get it out of your device. If you prefer a risk-averse approach, there’s Apple’s recommended solution, which is to keep your phone in a dry, open space with good airflow to let it dry itself.

Should you really stick your iPhone in rice to dry it out?

“If you drop your iPhone in water, stick it in some uncooked rice to dry it out.” We’ve all heard this advice before, but it isn’t true. It’s not hard to understand the logic: rice absorbs water, so it should draw out and absorb the water from your iPhone.

What can I use to dry my phone?

If you already have instant oatmeal in your home cabinet, it may be the most effective substance you can use to dry your phone. Just be aware that if you use oatmeal to dry your phone components, you may end up with a phone covered in small, gooey bits of oatmeal dust. Purchase a container of unflavored instant oatmeal at your local grocery store.

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