How To Do Control F On Iphone


How to control-F on an iPhone webpage?

How to Control-F on an iPhone webpage using Safari 1 Open a webpage on the Safari app. 2 Type the word or phrase you want to find in the address bar (where the url is located). ... 3 Scroll down to On This Page, then tap Find " [word (s) you entered]." Tap to find the words you entered under the "On This Page" heading. More items...

How do you do a control-F search on an iPhone?

You can do a Control-F search on an iPhone's browser by using the "On This Page," "Find in Page," or Share features. Control-F is a computer shortcut that locates specific words or phrases on a webpage or document. You can search for specific words or phrases in Safari, Google Chrome, and Messages.

What does control-F do on the iPhone?

Pressing the "Control" (or "Command" on Macs) and "F" keys simultaneously on any computer lets you find any word you're looking for on any webpage you're browsing. Many people don't know that "Control-F" works on the iPhone, too. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Can I use control-F on my Smartphone?

Control-F is a handy computer shortcut for quickly locating specific words or phrases in a text-filled word document or a webpage. If you've wanted to use this search function while browsing the web on your smartphone, great news — you can.

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