How To Disable Passcode On Iphone


How do I Turn Off my iPhone password?

Another downside to turning off your iPhone password is that your Apple Pay cards will be removed from your iPhone. Tap Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode. Enter your iPhone passcode. Next, tap Turn Passcode Off. Read the disclaimer and, if you still want to remove the passcode from your iPhone, tap Turn Off.

How to disable Touch ID&passcode on iPhone?

iPhone With Home Button (8/7/6/S/Plus): go to "Settings" > swipe and tap on"Touch ID & Passcode" Other iPhone Models (5/5c/4/4s and earlier): go to "Settings" > tap on "Passcode" Step 3. Enter your iPhone passcode, then scroll down to find out "Turn Passcode Off" and tap on it. Step 4.

How do I remove the passcode from my iPad?

This is also how to remove passcode from iPad. From the home screen, navigate Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. For older devices, such as iPhone 4 and 5, navigate Settings > Passcode. Enter your current passcode and tap the Turn Passcode Off option. This will automatically disable TouchID.

How to erase data after 10 failed passcodes on an iPhone?

Erase data after 10 failed passcodes 1 Go to Settings , then do one of the following:#N#On an iPhone with Face ID: Tap Face ID & Passcode.#N#On an iPhone with a... 2 On an iPhone with Face ID: Tap Face ID & Passcode. 3 On an iPhone with a Home button: Tap Touch ID & Passcode. 4 Turn on Erase Data. More ...

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