How To Disable Iphone Without Itunes


How to fix a disabled iPhone without iTunes?

To fix a disabled iPhone without iTunes, you have to erase your phone. Find My iPhone and the third-party tool like iPhone Unlocker include the straightforward option to erase disabled iPhone and unlock the lock screen. Don't Panic! Without iTunes, You Can Still Unlock Your Disabled iPhone

How do I unlock my iPhone without iTunes?

Step 1: Sign in to via a web browser with account credentials you used in your iPhone that is disabled. Step 2: You will see locations of all of your online iOS devices on a map. Click All Devices on the top of screen and select the iPhone you would like o unlock without iTunes.

How to bypass disabled iPhone 11 screen without iTunes?

Here are the steps you need to follow to unlock disabled iPhone 11 without iTunes needed and eventually, bypass the disabled screen: Once you finish the installation, open the tool. Click Wipe Passcode tab, followed by Start button.

How to delete or erase a disabled iPhone?

Step 1. Open a browser on computer/another device and go to Step 2. Log in to your account with Apple ID and passcode. Step 3. Click All Devices option at the top to show all your devices. Step 4. Find the iPhone that has been disabled and click it. Step 5. Click Erase iPhone option.

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