How To Dial An Extension On Iphone


How do I dial an extension number on my iPhone?

How to Dial an Extension on iPhone Open the Phone app. Dial the main number you’re calling. Then hold down the * (asterisk) until a comma appears. Now enter the extension number after the comma.

How do I enter an extension in the dialer app?

Open the dialer app and enter the number that you want to call. Add a "pause" if you'll be entering the extension as soon as the line picks up. If the number you are calling allows you to enter the extension immediately after picking up, the "pause" function will automatically enter the extension after waiting a moment:

How do I dial multiple phone numbers on my iPhone?

Type in the full phone number for the contact and then tap the symbols (+*#) button. There are two slightly different features for having your phone dial those extra numbers: Pause inserts a comma between the phone number and the extension (or whatever code you’re using).

How do I pause my phone to add an extension?

Tap the Pause This will insert a comma at the end of the number. Enter the extension after the comma and without a space before it. Tap Done. The Pause that you add between your contact’s phone number and extension will cause the phone to pause for a few seconds before it enters the extension.

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