How To Delete Words From Predictive Text Iphone


How to clear predictive text on iPhone?

Open iPhone settings. Go to General. Scroll down and tap the Reset option. Tap the “ Reset Keyboard Dictionary ” option. Enter your lock screen passcode. Confirm to clear the iPhone keyboard dictionary. Now that you have reset the iPhone keyboard dictionary, it will clear predictive text as well.

How to delete predictive words from Apple Keyboard?

But unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide that feature as of now. However, you can reset the keyboard dictionary to delete entire predictive words from history. To do so, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and choose Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Enter the password when asked.

How do I reset the predictive text dictionary on my phone?

To reset the predictive text dictionary: Open Settings > General > Transfer or Reset Phone > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Force predictive text to use the word you want by adding a shortcut in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. If you accept an incorrect suggestion from predictive text, tap backspace and select the correct one.

Can I change predictive text on my iPhone keyboard?

iPhones use QuickType predictive text to suggest the three most likely words you'll use next in your message. Unfortunately, sometimes our iPhone keyboard "learns" an incorrect spelling, or offers other words instead of the one you'd prefer. Luckily, you can edit or remove unwanted predictive text options.

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