How To Delete Text Messages On Iphone For Both Sides


How to delete text messages on iPhone?

Step 1. Launch Messages and go to the conversation with the messages you want to delete. Step 2. Now, choose the message and hold it until a menu pops up. Step 3. Now, tap "More" and select all the messages from the conversation you want to delete. Step 4. After that, tap the "trash can" icon and tap "Delete Message" to confirm the action.

How to delete messages on messenger from both sides?

To delete messages on Messenger from both sides, hold the message, select “More…”, select “Remove”, and tap on “Unsend”. After you’ve tapped on “Unsend”, the message will be deleted from your side of the chat and the receiver’s side of the chat. The “Unsend” option means to delete the messages from both sides.

How to delete multiple iMessages on iPhone?

Step 1. Go to "iMessage" from your iPhone. Step 2. Look for the conversation that you wish to delete. Swipe left on the conversation and tap the "Delete" button. The steps to delete multiple conversations on iPhone are as follows:

How do I delete a message bubble on my iPhone?

1 Touch and hold a message bubble, then tap More. 2 Select the message bubbles you want to delete, then tap the Delete button . See More...

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