How To Delete Podcasts From Iphone


How to delete podcast episodes on iPhone?

First, let’s look at how you can delete individual episodes from Podcasts, the iPhone app. Open the Podcasts App. Tap on ‘Library.’ Tap on ‘Downloaded Episodes.’ Long-press the episode you’d like to delete. Tap on ‘Remove…’ Tap ‘Remove Download.’ This removes the selected episode from your phone.

How to fix Apple Podcasts not working on iPhone?

Go to “ Settings ” > “ General ” > “ iPhone Storage ” > Scroll down to tap “ Podcasts ” > “ Delete App ”, which will uninstall the app and delete all related data from your iPhone. Then you could reinstall Podcasts from App Store to use Podcasts again.

How do I view downloaded podcasts on my iPhone?

In the settings menu, scroll down and tap on “General”. Now, choose “iPhone Storage” to view your stored data. Here, scroll down and find the Podcasts app. You’ll see the storage space it has taken up right here. Tap on “Podcasts”. Now, you’ll see a list of downloaded podcasts at the bottom.

How do I turn off automatic downloads of podcasts on Android?

Open the Podcasts app. Browse or search for a show, or choose one from your Library. Tap the show, then tap the More button . Tap Settings, then tap Automatic Downloads. Open the Settings app. Tap Podcasts. Under Automatic Downloads, turn off Enable When Following.

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