How To Decode Iphone Analytics Data


What are iPhone analytics and how do they work?

When iPhone analytics are turned on, your iPhone automatically sends data to Apple about your iPhone usage habits. Why Should I Turn Off iPhone Analytics? Your iPhone uses a little bit of battery life each time it sends your usage data to Apple.

How do I Turn Off iPhone analytics?

To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and tap to turn off iPhone Analytics. If you agree to send Analytics information to Apple from multiple devices that use the same iCloud account, we may correlate some usage data about Apple apps across those devices by syncing using end-to-end encryption.

How do I view my analytics data on my iOS device?

You can review this information on your iOS device by going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements and tapping Analytics Data.

How do I delete app analytics data from my phone?

App data in analytics is expressly put there by the app developer, usually to get info on bugs in the app. Apple doesn't use that data, but forwards it to the app developer. It looks like it gets deleted when synching to iTunes. You can then delete the backup from your Mac. Sync the phone with iTunes, which will delete the data.

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