How To Crop A Photo On Iphone


How do I crop an image on my iPad or iPhone?

Here's how to crop an image on your iPad or iPhone using the Apple Photos app: Open the Photos app. Select the picture you want to crop. Tap Edit . Tap the Rotate-Crop icon. Drag the white border from the edges of your image to crop out a portion of the photo.

How do I crop or rotate a picture in photos?

Open Photos and find the picture you want to edit. Tap the photo, then tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner. Tap the crop and rotate icon. Tap the preset crop icon.

How do I crop a photo to make it black?

Alternatively, select a photo from one of your albums via the Albums tab. Once you've selected a picture, tap Edit in the top-right corner of the screen to enter the black editing interface. Next, tap the Crop tool (the rightmost tool icon at the bottom of the screen). Notice that a grid now overlays your picture.

How to crop a picture into a circle on MacBook Air?

With Photos, it’s simple to crop your photo into a circle on your Mac. You can follow the same steps as above – just make sure you select Elliptical Selection in Crop mode. With this, you can drag your cursor around the photo, with the photo’s new outline appearing as a blue-dotted circular shape.

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