How To Create An Album On Iphone


How to create a new photo album on iPhone?

Step 1: Open the Photos app from the Home screen of your iPhone device. Step 2: Select the Albums tab at the bottom-right corner to proceed and tap the plus icon (i.e. +) on the top-left corner in order to add a new album. Step 3: Choose to create a New Album or New Shared Album.

How do I share an album on my iPhone?

Share Albums iPhone 1 Go to the Albums tab and tap the Add button . 2 Tap New Shared Album. 3 Give the shared album a name, then tap Next. 4 Choose people to invite from your contacts, or type an email address or iMessage phone number. 5 Tap Create. See More....

How do I create a shared album on Instagram?

As the creator of a shared album, you control who can access it. You can remove subscribers or delete the album at any time. In the Photos tab or from within an album, tap Select and then select the photos and videos that you want to share. Tap the Share button , then tap Add to Shared Album .

How do I edit an album on my iPhone?

1) Go to the Albums tab and at the top, tap See All. 2) Tap Edit. 3) To rename an album, tap the name and then use your keyboard to enter a new one. To rearrange your albums, tap and hold one of them, move it to its new spot, and release.

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