How To Create A Shortcut On Iphone


How to create a website shortcut on your iPhone home screen?

How to create a website shortcut on your iPhone Home Screen Launch Safari on your iOS device. Go to the website you want to save to your home screen. Tap the Share icon. Select Add to Home Screen. On this page, give a desired name to the website and tap Add to make a Home Screen shortcut.

How do I use shortcuts on my iPhone or iPad?

In the Shortcuts widget or Siri Suggestions widget on the Home Screen of your iOS or iPadOS device, tap a shortcut. The shortcut begins, and the widget button displays a progress indicator as the actions advance. To cancel the shortcut, tap . If a shortcut has an action that can’t be completed in the widget, the Shortcuts app automatically opens.

How do I create a shortcut to iOS 13 on iPhone?

Here's how to do it both ways. Before creating a new shortcut, make sure you've updated your iPhone to the iOS 13 operating system. Open the Settings app and then tap the "General" app to check your iOS. Tap the first "About" option where you'll find your Software Version listed below your name.

How do I add a shortcut in the app?

To add a shortcut in the app, tap the "Create Shortcut" option next to the plus sign and follow the prompts to choose actions and provide a name. You can use Force Touch with the app on your home screen to access the option.

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