How To Clean Iphone Speakers


Can you use compressed air to clean iPhone speakers?

Although Apple warns not to use compressed air while cleaning the iPhone, it works if you know your way around it. The compressed air helps remove trapped dust that might’ve entered the inner part of the speakers while cleaning. You need to be careful while applying an air duster or compressed air on the speakers (especially the top speaker).

How to clean dust off iPhone speakers?

Using masking tapes, aka painter’s tapes, is an effective way of cleaning the dust off your iPhone speakers. Why masking tapes? Compared to normal scotch tapes or duct tapes, the masking tapes leave lesser or no residues and adhesive particles after you peel them off.

How to clean iPhone speaker grills?

The most efficient and recommended method to clean your iPhone speaker is to use a soft-bristled brush carefully. Although Apple does not endorse cleaning the speaker grills on your own, they officially recommend using such brushes in case if necessary.

How do I clean the speaker on my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Gently brush across the speaker from bottom to top, moving across the length of the long, thin speaker several times. Don't drag the brush along the axis of the speaker. You can also work soft bristles into the speaker holes at the bottom of the phone.

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