How To Clean Charging Port On Iphone


How do I clean the charging port on my phone?

To clean the port with a toothpick: Hold the phone with one hand and the toothpick in another. Gently insert the toothpick into the port. Move the toothpick around while imagining a line of debris sitting on top of a set of very delicate pins.

How to clean iPhone charging port with toothpick?

Follow these steps to clean your iPhone charging port using a toothpick: Step 1: Use the flashlight to identify which kind of dirt is in the port. Next, switch off your phone, then place it upside down (backside facing up) on a bench or hold it in your hands in that same way.

Can you use soap to clean the iPhone charging port?

The soap isn’t for cleaning the iPhone’s charging port but instead destroying all UV germs to keep the phone perfectly clean. Although it can be simple to clean the phone case or charging port, it’s vital to ensure that no damage is caused to the pins. Another cause of port damage could be the use of a non-recommended charger or charging cable.

How to clean an iPhone charger with alcohol?

If you decide to use some cotton with the toothpick, then dip the end with cotton in alcohol before inserting it into the port. Second, you can use alcohol to clean your iPhone charger to ensure it’s safe. While testing if the charger works during the cleaning process, some of the debris can move from the port to the charger.

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