How To Charge Iphone Correctly


How do I Charge my iPhone with my computer?

Properly charging your iPhone ensures you get the most out of its battery life. Connect the iPhone to your computer's USB port using its Lightning adapter cable, or connect it to an A/C adapter and plug it into a wall socket. Make sure that your computer is turned on.

How much should you charge your iPhone’s battery?

According to Apple, the battery is at its best between 40% and 80% this is the range in which you should keep your iPhone’s Battery, iOS do it automatically with the Optimize Battery Charging on. Once it knows you have to use the phone it charges up to 100%.

How to optimize iPhone battery charging?

Optimize iPhone battery charging 1 Go to Settings > Battery, then tap Battery Health. 2 Turn on Optimized Battery Charging. More ...

How to charge an iPhone with an electrical outlet?

Using an Electrical Outlet Plug the power adapter into a wall socket. Attach the large end of the cable to the power adapter. Determine the type of charger cable you have. Insert the other end of the cable into the bottom of the iPhone/iPod. Wait for your device to begin charging.

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