How To Change Voicemail Greeting On Iphone


How do I change the default greeting on my iPhone voicemail?

Tap Voicemail, tap Greeting, tap Custom, then tap Record. Or, to use your carrier’s generic greeting, tap Default. Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. Be well.

How do I set up voicemail on my iPhone?

To set up Voicemail on your iPhone: Open your Phone app. Tap Voicemail, then select Greeting. To use your carrier’s generic greeting, tap Default and press Done. To record a custom greeting, select Custom, and tap Record. Record the message you want to play when you miss someone’s phone call. Tap Stop when you’re done recording.

How do I record a voicemail greeting on my iPhone?

Tap Record to begin recording your voicemail greeting. When you finish recording, tap Stop. To make sure you're happy with your new greeting, tap Play to hear your recording played back. To change what you just recorded, tap Record and try again. Tap Save when you’re satisfied with your message.

How do I set up a voicemail greeting on Android?

Tap the voicemail icon in the lower right of the screen (it’s the one that looks like an old-fashioned cassette tape). You’ll be taken to a screen that lists all of your recent voicemails; tap on the word “Greeting” in the upper left portion of the screen. Tap the “Custom” message button. Tap “Record” and record your outgoing message.

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