How To Change Iphone Theme Without Jailbreak


How do I change the theme of my iPhone app?

Again, simply tap any theme you like to continue. Once you've chosen a theme, scroll down on its page and tap "Application icons." This will load all of that theme's icons into view, so if you decide you don't like their look you can go back and find a new theme.

How do I remove a jailbreak theme from my phone?

It may not actually come complete with the power of a fully-fledged jailbreak theme, but if you just want to customize some icons and wallpapers then it’s a really excellent and hassle-free solution. To remove the theme altogether, simply head over to Settings > General > Profile, and delete the installed theme profile.

How to install iskin theme in Safari on iPhone?

1) Visit the iSkin web page in Safari on the iOS device you wish to theme. 2) Scroll down and tap on the Browse all themes button to reveal a list of themes to pick from: 3) Pick a theme you want to install. We’ll be using the Midnight theme by citydog123 for our example. 4) Now you’ll want to tap on the Application icons button.

How can I customize my iPhone screen without jailbreaking?

These were three ways to customize your iPhone’s screen without jailbreaking. Siri Shortcuts are the quickest solution to create invisible icons but it only works with solid backgrounds.

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