How To Change Facebook Password On Iphone


How to change password on Facebook?

In the right window, under Login, click the Edit icon next to Change password. Step 6. Enter your current password, and enter the new password. Retype the new password. Step 7. Click Save Changes button to change password on Facebook.

How do I see my Facebook password on my iPhone?

To see your Facebook password on an iPhone, you first need to go to your phone’s settings. Then, navigate to “Passwords” and you’ll be able to find your Facebook password there. On an iPhone, you can either ask Siri to find your saved passwords or view them in your settings.

What to do if I forget my Facebook password?

Tip: If you are logged in to your Facebook account but you forget Facebook password, you can click Forgot your password link in the Change password window in Step 6, and continue to reset your Facebook password.

How to recover deleted Facebook password on iOS devices?

Step 1: Download and install the Facebook Password Recovery tool on your computer, and launch the program after successful installation. Then, connect your iOS device to the computer using USB cable. Step 2: Unlock the device and tap “Trust” on the device when prompted. This will allow the program to detect the device.

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