How To Call Extension On Iphone


How do I call extension numbers on my iPhone?

Open the Phone app and make sure you are on the Keypad screen. Press the original phone number you wish to dial. Long press on the asterisk key ( *) until a comma (,) appears next to the phone number. Now, Press the extension number after the comma.

How do I make my phone automatically dial extensions?

Type the extension number after your symbol. After adding the wait or pause symbol, type the extension that you want your phone to automatically dial. Call the number. Your phone will dial the number.

How do I add an extension to a call on Android?

After you enter a ‘wait’ [represented by a semicolon (;)], the phone app will show the extension (but won’t automatically dial). All you have to do is tap on the Dial “extension number” when on call. This is helpful when you don’t know precisely after how much waiting time the option to enter the extension comes up.

How do I add an extension to my contacts on iPhone?

Here’s how to save a number with the extension to your Contacts on iPhone: 1 Open your Phone app and select Contacts or open your Contacts app on iPhone. 2 For our how-to, we’re assuming you already have the number saved. ... 3 Find the contact number that you want to add an extension to and tap on it. 4 Tap Edit in the upper right corner.

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