How To Block Safari On Iphone


How to disable Safari on iPhone?

Regardless of the reason, let’s explore how you disable Safari and also what you could use as an alternative. The easiest way to disable Safari on your iPhone is to set up Screen Time on your phone. Go into your Settings app, Screen Time, and then tap Content & Privacy. Turn On Content & Privacy Restriction.

How do I lock the Safari browser on my iPhone?

In this instance, it would be the Safari web browser. Tap "General" and then tap "Restrictions". Press "Enable Restrictions". Enter a Passcode to lock the restrictions area. Make sure to remember the passcode, or you'll be locked out yourself. Toggle the "Safari" slider OFF.

How to block ads on Safari on iPhone?

To block ads with Safari content blocker apps, install the app, and then enable it from the iPhone Settings app. Go to the App Store and download a content-blocking app to your iPhone. The example here is Norton Ad Blocker, but all ad-blocking apps work similarly.

How to block Adult content on safari?

This can be achieved by going to the Settings menu, Screen Time, Content & Privacy Restrictions, Content Restrictions, Web Content and then selecting Limit Adult Websites. This will prevent Safari from being able to access adult content. For specific websites, you can tap “Add a Website” and choose to Never Allow it to be accessed on the phone.

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