How To Backup Iphone Before Jailbreak


How do I back up my iPhone?

Locate your device on the window. If you want to save Health and Activity Data, check the box "Encrypt local backup" and create a password. Click Back Up Now. Wait for iTunes backup process to complete. You can then view the last backup date and time in the Last backup on this [your computer] field.

How to jailbreak an iPhone?

To commence the jailbreak process, you first need to update your iPhone to the latest version (iOS 14). You can plug your device into iTunes and update or you can utilize the OTA (Over the Air) update via your iPhone’s settings. Download Hexxa Plus on your iPhone. Access the link from your iPhone since it doesn’t work on a Windows or Mac computer.

What can I backup in jailbreak?

You can backup everything such as pictures, videos, music, contacts, notes, messages (jailbreak only), and phone history (jailbreak only). You can also backup specific files from the file system, although this takes a long long time and it's stil fairly glitchy.

How to recover lost data from iPhone after jailbreak?

If you find your contacts, photos, messages or other data get lost after jailbreak, you can use iPhone Data Recovery software -UltData to get back lost files. 2. Make sure you have the right software

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