How To Backup Broken Iphone


How to access iPhone with Broken Screen and backup?

Here’s how to access iPhone with broken screen and backup using UltFone iOS Data Manager: Step 1 Run the program, connect the iPhone to the computer, and select “Backup & Restore” from the software's top menu and select the file types you want to back up.

How to recover data from broken iPhone?

[Solution] Recover Broken iPhone Data 1 Select Recover from iCloud Backup File from the top side after you enter the main interface. And then, type in... 2 All the available iCloud backup files will be shown on this interface. Check their Name, Latest Backup Date and... 3 There will be a pop out window as follows, which allows... See More....

How do you fix a broken iPhone?

Connect your broken iPhone to the trusted computer via a USB cable. Select the iPhone icon from the top left of the iTunes interface. Choose "This Computer" from the "Backups" section. Tap "Back Up Now" to commence. (Click here if you encounter iTunes errors while backing up the broken iPhone)

How do I backup my iPhone to my computer?

This option is located at the top of the left navigation menu below your iPhone's name and picture. Click the Back Up Now button in the Backups section. You can find this button below the "Manually Back Up and Restore" heading on the Summary page. It will save a complete backup of your iPhone to your computer.

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