How To Back Up Iphone On Macbook


How to back up iPhone to iTunes on Mac?

Here's how to back up iPhone to iTunes with Mac. Plug your device to your Mac machine. Open iTunes, and click iPhone icon on the top left of the window. Click Summary on the iTunes sidebar. Enable "Encrypt local backup" if you'd like to make a full encrypted backup of iPhone to Mac. Choose Back Up Now.

How to backup a MacBook Air to iCloud?

1 Connect your device to your Mac. ... 2 In the Finder on your Mac, select the device in the Finder sidebar. ... 3 Select General in the button bar. 4 To select back up options, do any of the following: Select the “Back up your most important data on your [ device] to iCloud” button to store backup data on ... 5 Click Back Up Now.

How to back up iPhone with data backup&restore on Mac?

To get the most from the software and back up iPhone with Mac, you will need your device unlocked, a USB cable, a Mac computer with iOS Data Backup & Restore installed. Now we'll illustrate the instructions. Once you get the application set up in Mac, launch it.

How do I restore my iPhone to a MacBook?

First things first: to do this, you will have to back your iPhone up to the Mac you’re plugging it into. If you don’t have a backup on your Mac, the only other way is to use iCloud. But if you followed the first set of instructions and have a backup of your iPhone on the Mac, here’s how to restore it:

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