How To Archive Messages On Iphone


How to archive text messages on iPhone 11?

Launch the Messages app and access the message you want to archive. Tap and hold on to the message and select Copy. Launch the Notes app, start a new note, tap and hold on to the blank area in the new note, and select Paste. Get back to the Messages app and delete your message.

How to archive emails in iCloud Mail?

Archive email in Mail on 1 Select the message or messages you want to archive, then drag them to the Archive folder in the sidebar. 2 Select the message or messages, click , then choose Archive. 3 Select the message or messages in the message list, then click in the toolbar.

How do I archive or Delete my Gmail messages on iOS?

After setting up a Gmail account on your iOS device, you can choose to archive or delete your messages. You may easily enable or disable this feature on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you enable this feature for your email account, you’ll see a storage box in your toolbar or if you swipe across a message , the red button will say “Archive”.

How to back up text messages on iPhone?

Similar to iTunes, iCloud also offers a simple way to backup iPhone text messages and other data. iCloud provides 5GB of free store space for you to back up various iPhone data. You can follow the steps below to archive text messages on iPhone with iCloud.

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