How To Add Emergency Contact On Iphone


How to add emergency contacts to your iPhone or Apple Watch?

How to add emergency contacts to your iPhone or Apple Watch 1 Launch the Health app on your iPhone. 2 Tap the Medical ID tab. 3 Tap Edit in the upper right corner. 4 Tap Edit Medical ID. 5 Under Emergency Contacts tap Add emergency contact. 6 Select a contact from your list. 7 Select a Relationship.

How do I add an emergency contact in the Health app?

Launch the Health app then tap on your user icon in the top-right corner, followed by Medical ID: Tap “Edit” in the top-right corner then scroll down to “Emergency Contacts” and tap the “Add Emergency Contact” button.

How to add emergency contacts in Samsung Galaxy S20?

Note: Alternatively, you can simply touch & hold the Health app on the home screen and tap Medical ID. Now, tap Edit at the top right. Scroll up to Emergency Contacts. Tap add emergency contact. Next, tap the contact whom you want to add as your emergency contact. Select the relationship status. Once finished, finally tap Done at the top right.

How do I remove an emergency contact from my phone?

Remove emergency contacts 1 Open the Health app and tap your profile picture . 2 Tap Medical ID. 3 Tap Edit, then scroll to Emergency Contacts. 4 Tap the delete button next to a contact, then tap Delete. 5 Tap Done to save your changes.

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