How To Add A Call On Iphone


How to add a number to a call on an iPhone?

1 Open the Phone app if you haven’t done so already, and dial a number or be in a conversation as usual 2 While on a phone call, tap the + “Add Call” button 3 This will bring up the iPhone Contacts list or keypad to dial another number which will be added to the existing call More items...

How to merge calls on iPhone?

How to Merge Calls on iPhone 1 Launch the Phone app. Phone will open the call log and related information of your iPhone. 2 Tap the Contacts option. It is located at the bottom row of your screen. 3 Select a contact you want to have a conference call with. 4 Call the contact. Tap the number of the selected contact to place a call. See More....

How do I make a telephone call on my Device?

Make an ordinary telephone call to your first participant. Begin by tapping the Phone icon located at the bottom of your home screen. You will see the options to call from your Favorites, Recents, Contacts or via the Keypad. If calling from Contacts, tap the selected contact and then tap the phone number you wish to dial.

How do I create a conference call on my iPhone?

To create a conference call on iPhone, begin a phone call as you normally would with one of the people you’d like to include in the group call. Let them know you’re going to add another person, then tap Add. Dial the number of another person you want to add. When they answer, tap Merge to create a 3-way call.

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