How To Activate New Iphone T-mobile


How do I activate a new T-Mobile phone?

Then install the T-Mobile smart card from your old phone in your new phone. To ensure proper activation of your phone, you must use the smart card from your old phone. Click the "View order" button and follow the instructions at the top of your order details to activate your new phone. Turn on your new phone.

How do I connect my iPhone to T-Mobile?

Set up and configure your device to work on the T-Mobile network. See First use configuration and device activation: iPhone ‌ for steps. Once a T-Mobile SIM card is placed into your iPhone or iPad, it should automatically install the latest Carrier Update. This will configure your device to connect to the T-Mobile network.

How do I upgrade to a new SIM card from T-Mobile?

2. Set up your new device. Current T-Mobile customers upgrading to a new device: Use the new SIM card that came in the box with your device. If you bought an iPhone, the SIM may already be installed. See how to install and activate your SIM at

How do I set up my new mobile device?

Insert the SIM card that came the phone, turn it on, and follow the on-screen steps to complete the initial setup. To get step-by-step instructions, choose your device and click Settings & Tech Specs > Getting Started. Let's set up your new Android phone. Let's set up your new Apple device. Still need help?

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