How To Activate New Iphone Sprint


How do I activate a new device on sprint?

Top questions about activating a new device. Sign in to My Sprint and select the phone number you want to activate the device on. You can then select Manage this device, followed by More Options and then Activate a device. Make sure the device shown in the New Device to Activate section is the device you want and tap Yes to continue.

How do I swap my Sprint phone for a new one?

Sign in to My Sprint with a valid username and password. In the My Account area, scroll down to the About my devices section and find the phone you would like to swap out. Select Activate a new phone from the drop down menu located to the right of the phone (shows Manage this device)

How do I Activate my Phone?

If you're activating a different phone than the one listed on the right side of the page, click the enter new device link under the "New device to activate" heading, enter the IMEI or MEID number found in your phone's manual or box, and follow the prompts from there. Activating your phone may take up to two minutes.

What happens if I don't Activate my Sprint phone?

If you want to use the Sprint service provided, then you have to activate the phone. If you don't activate your phone, you might not be able to use certain features. Thanks! Can I unlock a Sprint phone that's not activated?

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