How To Accept Cookies On Iphone


How to enable cookies on the iPhone?

How To Enable Cookies On The iPhone: Safari. 1 Open the Settings app. 2 Tap Safari. 3 Scroll down to the Privacy and Security settings. 4 Toggle the Block All Cookies switch to OFF (white). This will enable cookies on Safari.

Can cookies be used to infect an iPhone?

Many viruses and malware can steal the information contained within cookies or use cookies to infect your iPhone. Thanks! Most popular third-party web browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox, do not offer the option to disable cookies.

How to block cookies on Safari on iPhone?

On iOS 11 and iOS 12 1 Go to Settings on your iPhone 2 Scroll down and locate Safari 3 Tap the option Block All Cookies. Make sure that it is toggled to OFF position.

How do I clear my browser's cookies on my iPhone?

Launch Chrome on your iPhone. Tap the three dots to open Chrome's menu and tap Settings. Tap Privacy on the resulting screen. Select Clear Browsing Data. Choose a time range from the Time Range menu, tick Cookies, Site Data, and tap Clear Browsing Data at the bottom.

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