How Old Is The Iphone 7


How old are the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are over 4 years old, which means there’s been plenty of new advancements to mobile technology that have developed since then.

Will Apple announce iPhone 7 on September 7?

^ Hall, Zac (August 29, 2016). "Apple announces 'iPhone 7' September 7 event, Apple Watch 2 and MacBook Pros may be unveiled". 9to5Mac. Retrieved March 17, 2017. ^ "Apple sends invitations for 'iPhone 7' event on Sept. 7: 'See you on the 7th' ".

Is the iPhone 7's slogan'This is 7'correct?

The iPhone 7's "This is 7" slogan has been misunderstood when translated to certain other languages. The phone's slogan in Mainland China is "7, is here;" ( Chinese: 7,在此; pinyin: 7, zài cǐ ), while in Hong Kong, its slogan is, "This, is iPhone 7;" ( Chinese: 這,就是iPhone 7; Jyutping: ze5, zau6 si6 iPhone 7 ).

What are the dimensions of the iPhone 7?

Apple iPhone 7. Released 2016, September 16. 138g, 7.1mm thickness. iOS 10.0.1, up to iOS 14.4. 32GB/128GB/256GB storage, no card slot. 7.8% 44,626,307 hits. 1037 Become a fan. 4.7". 750x1334 pixels.

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