How Much Is The Iphone Xr


How much is an iPhone XR worth?

How Much Is an iPhone XR Worth? The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone XR is $253.67 , with prices ranging between $157.00 up to $301.00 from the best buyback stores. Apple released the iPhone XR in 2018, but it retains a reasonable market value.

How much does the iPhone XR cost on Swappa?

The current average iPhone XR price for 64GB is $308 on Swappa. If you’re looking for larger storage sizes, the iPhone XR (128GB) sells for around $324, while the iPhone XR (256GB) is closer to $371.

Is the iPhone XR still supported by Apple?

Apple supported the iPhone XR for ages. Up until very recently, you could still buy the phone directly from Apple. The XR was Apple’s best-selling iPhone for years – beating the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and even the iPhone X. Apple discontinued the iPhone XR, after years of active service, with the launch of the iPhone 13.

What is the screen size of the iPhone XR?

The Apple iPhone XR sports a 6.1-inch screen built with the latest Liquid Retina display technology which makes for superior visual experience while the XYZ body-to-screen ratio makes the view broader and larger. The iPhone feels portable in your palm, making it easy and convenient for you to hold and use.

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