How Much Does An Iphone 8 Plus Cost


Will iPhone 8 Plus prices drop?

Yes, iPhone 8 Plus prices will drop. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will decline over time as newer models are released. Retailers typically discount new phones when a new model is announced. On Swappa used iPhone 8 Plus prices drop daily meaning you can get the best deal today.

What is the cheapest price for the iPhone 8?

The $99 price is the cheapest iPhone 8 price you'll find of you want to buy it outright without an installment plan. The good news is that T-Mobile has stock of the iPhone 8.

How much is a 256GB iPhone 8 plus worth?

One year later, there was an iPhone 8 Plus price drop to $699 for 64GB and $849 for 256GB. Then, alongside the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple officially retired the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus, introducing a new 128GB model in its stead.

How much does an iPhone 8 plus cost on Swappa?

Average iPhone 8 Plus prices on Swappa are $263 for 64GB, $292 for 128GB, and $305 for 256GB. But since these are average prices, you can find even cheaper prices depending on the color and condition you select. Looking for the best price on an iPhone 8 Plus?

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