How Much Does A Iphone X Cost


How much does the iPhone X cost on Amazon?

iPhone X price. You can buy the iPhone X 256GB for $679 from Apple. You can also find iPhone X models will less storage starting at $299 on Amazon and $429 on Best Buy. The iPhone X. Hollis Johnson. Apple (certified refurbished condition): iPhone X 256GB for $679. Amazon (renewed condition): iPhone X 64GB for $299.

Where can I buy a used iPhone X?

You can buy iPhone X models from Apple, Amazon, and Best Buy. You can no longer buy any iPhone X model in new condition, but you can buy them refurbished from Apple starting at $639. You can also buy any version of the iPhone X used or refurbished from third-party sellers, like Best Buy or Amazon.

How much does an iPhone cost?

The first and most important factor in the cost of an iPhone is the phone itself. Prices vary based on which model you want and how much storage you prefer. In Apple's iPhone line up, a new phone can be yours for anywhere from $49 (for a basic iPhone 8) to $1,449 (for the highest-end iPhone 11 Pro Max), depending on the model you want.

How much does the iPhone XR cost?

The iPhone XR. You can buy the iPhone XS starting at $639 from Apple, starting at $328 on Amazon, and for $530 from Best Buy. The iPhone XS. You can find the iPhone XS Max starting at $719 from Apple and starting at $445 on Amazon.

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