How Many Watts Is An Iphone Charger


How many Watts Does It take to charge an iPhone?

An iPhone uses a maximum of between 5 to 20 watts when charging. The exact number depends on the size of your iPhone and its adapter. All iPhone 11 and earlier editions arrive with a 5W adaptor. This means the maximum power consumption it draws when changing is 5W. iPhone 12 and new editions use a 20W adaptor to enable fast charging.

What power adapter do I need to charge my iPhone?

The Apple 18W USB-C power adapter can fast charge your iPhone 8 or later. 20W USB-C power adapter iPad (8th generation) and iPad Air (4th generation) come with a 20W power adapter in the box.

What is the output voltage/current of the iPhone charger?

Output Voltage/Current: 9 VDC/2.2 A You can also use Apple USB power adapters for iPad and Mac notebooks to charge iPhone, and you can use third-party power adapters that are compliant with applicable country regulations and international and regional safety standards. Helpful? Please don’t include any personal information in your comment.

What is the wattage of a 5-watt Charger?

Wattage=5×1. Wattage=5 Watts. So Apple iPhone 7 had an 5 Watt charger fast charging is only enabled after iPhone 8 onwards but for iPhone iPhone 8 if u have to enable fast charging it costs you about 99$.

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