How Long Is A Iphone 7


What are the dimensions of the iPhone 7?

Apple iPhone 7. Released 2016, September 16. 138g, 7.1mm thickness. iOS 10.0.1, up to iOS 14.4. 32GB/128GB/256GB storage, no card slot. 7.8% 44,626,307 hits. 1037 Become a fan. 4.7". 750x1334 pixels.

How long will Apple support the iPhone 7?

Apple ideally supports devices for 5 years and some get an additional year of support if they have enough processing power. Ideally, the 5 years support will end this year for iPhone 7 with the release of iOs 15.

How much battery life does the iPhone 7 really need?

As you inch closer to the storage limits, you may find that you only get 10 to 15 hours of battery life with 5 to 6 hours of usage. Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may have some of the smallest batteries among 2016 devices, but that doesn’t mean the worst battery life. As Apple has proved in this case, the proper optimization can go a long way.

When will the iPhone 7 get iOS 13?

However, the upcoming iOS 13 will again only support devices released four years earlier. In that sense, iOS 12 was an exception. If this remains the same for the next two iOS releases, iPhone 7 will receive its last new iOS in September 2020, and its last security update in September 2021.

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