How Do You Lock An Iphone


How do I lock or unlock my iPhone?

Learn how to lock (and unlock) your phone’s screen, as well as how to lock it remotely by turning on Lost Mode in iCloud. Locate the power button on the top edge of your iPhone. Press the power button once. Be sure not to hold the button down, as that action will turn off the phone. Press the Home button just beneath the device screen to unlock.

How do I lock my iPhone screen to protect it?

To keep your iPhone safe from prying eyes, lock the screen by pressing the power button at the top of the device. If you have a passcode set, the screen will remain locked until you type it correctly. And, as long as you’ve enabled “Find My iPhone” on your device, you can lock your phone remotely if it’s lost or stolen.

How to lock apps on iPhone 11?

How to Lock First-Party Apps 1 Open Settings . 2 Go to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions . 3 Tap Allowed Apps . 4 Turn off the toggle switches (tap them to turn the switch white) for apps you don't want to use. 5 Tap the Back button or swipe up to go to the Home screen.

How do I lock my iPhone when it is sleeping?

You should use a passcode to lock your iPhone, so only you can wake it from sleep and access the data and apps on it. You can set the passcode and the delay before the phone auto-locks from the Settings app.

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