How Do I Unsilence Calls On My Iphone


How to fix iPhone silencing calls?

To disable and fix iPhone silencing calls, follow the steps. Go to your iPhone’s Settings > Phone. On the next screen, look for the option Silence Unknown Callers and make sure it is turned off. If it is set to on, then your device will not alert for calls from unknown numbers which are not stored as contacts.

How do I turn silence unknown callers on or off?

Apple® iPhone® - Turn Silence Unknown Callers On / Off 1 From a Home screen on your Apple® iPhone®, tap Settings > Phone. 2 Tap the Silence Unknown Callers switch on or off . See More....

How do I unsilence my iPhone without unlocking it?

Use the Silent Mode switch on the left side of your iPhone. Move it from the on to the off position to unsilence your phone without unlocking it. How do I unsilence a contact on my iPhone? If you previously blocked a particular contact, you can unblock a number on your iPhone.

How do I unsilence text messages on my iPhone?

How do I unsilence text messages on an iPhone? If you disable Do Not Disturb or Silent Mode and you still don't hear text message notifications, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Sounds and Vibration Patterns and look to see what you have selected next to Text Tone.

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