How Do I Know If My Iphone Is Unlocked


How do I know if my phone has been unlocked?

Step 1.Start by opening your phone settings and click on cellular which is at the top of the screen, this might be also written as Mobile data if you use UK English. Step 2. Here you will see the option "Cellular Data Network." Now, if this option is displayed on your phone it simply means that it is unlocked else it must be locked.

Is my iPhone unlocked or locked?

Is My iPhone Unlocked? 1 First go to Settings and then Cellular. 2 If you see a Cellular Data option under the Cellular menu, then your iPhone is unlocked. 3 If you don’t see “Cellular Data Network” as an option under Cellular, then the phone is locked.

How do I know if my iPhone is carrier locked?

Step 1: Launch your iPhone " Settings ". Step 2: Click " Cellular ". Step 3: Find the option labeled " Cellular Data Network ". If you can find this option, then your iPhone is unlocked, but if not, your iPhone is carrier-locked.

How do I unlock my iPhone?

This can be done by connecting the device to a PC. You should see the familiar " Congratulations, the iPhone is unlocked " message on your screen. If that happens, just know the iPhone has been unlocked.

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