How Do I Delete Cookies From My Iphone


How do I clear cookies on my iPhone?

There are 2 easy ways for you. If you want to clear cookies on iPhone but keep your Safari search history, here are the steps: Tap the Settings app and select the Safari. You'll see Advanced. Tap Website Data and then Remove All Website Data.

How to delete all Safari cookies in iOS 13?

Follow the steps below to delete all Safari cookies in iOS 13 iPhone/iPad. Go to Settings > Safari. Select Clear History and Website Data. Also select Clear History and Data from the next prompt. This will delete all the history, cookies and other browsing data stored on your iPhone.

How do I delete cookies and search history from my browser?

In case you need to delete both cookies and Safari search history, you can go this: Tap Settings and then Safari, select Clear History and Website Data. It'll prompt a pop-up window, asking you to confirm "Clear History and Data".

Should I delete cookies on my Android phone?

Deleting data such as cookies can be a useful trick to save storage space as well as speed up your phone. Furthermore, it is a good precaution against privacy breaches. Many hackers target information stored in cookies to retrieve your passwords, bank account information etc.

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