Android Vs iOS – Which One is Best?

There’s always a battle going on among smartphone lovers that which mobile operating system is best between Android Vs iOS. Apple fans says that iOS is best and Android fans says that Android OS is best.

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When you ask this with fans then they definitely say what they like. It becomes confusing while buying a good budget smartphone. So, in this guide, we’re going to see a detailed comparison of Android and iOS.

Android Vs iOS – Detailed Comparison

Android Vs iOS

First, we shall start with Android. It’s a world popular mobile operating system that brought a revolution among smartphone users.

Android is an open-source project developed by Google. It’s the most popular mobile operating system.

Android was launched in 2008 when Windows and Nokia Symbian OS were popular among smartphone users. At the same time, Apple’s iOS was being used by rich people.

When Android launched, there were limited developers and resources, but today it’s the #1 mobile operating system globally. It is based on a Linux kernel that provides thousands of customization and features.

iOS is another popular mobile operating system that only supports Apple iPhones. It’s not an open-source project.

Apple iOS is a secured and closed operating system. Hence there are limited customizations. You can’t do lot’s of customization yourself until your iPhone is jailbroken.

iOS Vs Android- Pros & Cons

Let’s see some features of Android smartphones-



  • The price of Android smartphones is low. Even you can get an Android smartphone at ₹4000 and it goes up to ₹2,00,000.
  • It’s an open-source project hence various smartphone brands develop and customize as per their choice.
  • Lots of customization possible with Android.
  • You can flash custom ROMs for new UI and layout.
  • There are lots of Android app developers.
  • You can get powerful hardware at a lower price.
  • There are free apps for all basic tasks.
  • You’ll get lot’s of mod apk’s to enjoy premium features.


  • It’s open-source, hence less secure.
  • Smartphone brands provide lots of bloatware, however, you can flash custom ROM to get rid of it.
  • Android devices are always at risk of data theft.



  • It’s a secured mobile operating system.
  • You’ll clean UI.
  • The performance of iOS is excellent.
  • Apple provides regular updates.
  • There’s no (very low) vulnerable app available on the Apple app store.
  • Apple iOS devices have great resale value.
  • It grabs people’s attention because iOS is a sign of luxury in society.


  • There’s no customization until your iOS is jailbroken.
  • Apple regularly patches the jailbroken devices through updates.
  • The iOS smartphones are very costly.
  • You have to purchase a premium app for very basic tasks.

Android Vs iOS- Which One is Best?

Till now, we’ve explained all the pro’s and cons of Android and iOS smartphones. There’s no straight answer to this question. It totally depends on individual choice. I personally feel that Android is best for me, but at the same time I’m loving the smoothness of iOS.

So, I would say…

If you want high performance or smoother experience with no lags, then iOS should be your choice. Apple provides regular updates to their older generation smartphones too.

The UI and smoothness of iOS are unbeatable. There’s a very popular quote that- “Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user” and I find it somewhere relatable. Apple smartphones are secure and

If you want powerful hardware at much lower price, then Android smartphones are best. Android has lot’s of customization, free apps, mod games, etc.

Final Verdict

I personally like freedom because I’m a tech geek and Android provides lots of customization, custom ROMs, mods, and apps. If you don’t want to invest too much in a smartphone then Android is a better choice.

If you want smoother, secure and clean UI then iPhone should be your ideal choice. Depending upon your budget, you can make a decision.

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